Art, chocolate& nature

Monday, Oct. 16th 2017

Hello everybody!

Today was an amazing day; although I didn’t really do much I feel quite confident with my actions 🙂 I read in one of my new books a little bit, got some delicious vegan food and went on a short bike ride. Also I did some studying for school and checked some things in my agenda/ planner.

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Let’s start with something pretty simple that I didn’t do today but yesterday and that is art♥ I have to admit that I’m not super artistic and that I don’t really spend a lot of time on doing artsy stuff (wait, does writing count as “artsy”??) but sometimes even I enjoy doodling and making crappy sketches. Tbh, I’m happy with this one, it didn’t turn out as bad as my drawings usually do, still I’m afraid to colour it since I usually mess everything up then…

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Around 2p.m my mom and I went grocery shopping and I spotted these amazing chocolate flavoured things: chocolate tea (!) and some crisp-bread-like chocolate stuff, yummy♥ Can’t wait to have this as a combo for breakfast tomorrow!!

Q: Do you usually eat breakfast? If yes, what do you have?

The last “big” thing I did today was taking a little break from studying to go on a bike tour. Man, that sounds like I did an awful lot of studying today but actually I only procrastinated…

I love going outside in the evening or early morning because this is the time when there aren’t many other people around so everything is nice, quiet and peaceful ^°^

I hope your day was just as wonderful as mine!

Xoxo Chaeri

Bonjour, c’est moi!

Hey, call me Chaeri x

I’m a 15 year old dreamer and cat-lover (sadly I don’t own a cat since my mom doesn’t really like them) who loves to discover new things. Some of my favourite hobbies are reading and learning languages (right now I’m into Russian, haha). Books I enjoy are scientific books, Harry Potter (I’m a Slytherin♥) and sometimes even historic novels.

To be honest, you can encourage me to do almost everything; when I find a person who is as silly as I am, some of the weirdest situations can happen. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why I won’t really plan my posts, take perfect photos or live the perfect blogger life; this is meant to be an authentic, not-really flawless personal blog about me. On the one hand to create a little aide-memoire for myself and on the other hand to meet new people I can share my thoughts with.

Think of this as a little tea talk (or coffee talk, whatever you prefer, I don’t really mind)! 🙂

That’s it for my little introductory post.

Xoxo, Chaeri

Weekend squares; a walk through the forest, Lush bath bombs& studying

Saturday, Oct. 14th 2017

Hello everybody, I hope y’all are having a wonderful day!

Today I went on a stroll through the forest with my mom; we had loads of  fun and enjoyed the autumn sun. It was pretty warm for an October day; about 20°C! I didn’t even have to wear a jacket although I always cold- sometimes even in summer!

Feeling the warm rays of sunlight on my skin was amazing(♥) and was really calming. Just what I needed after yesterday; it was my mom’s birthday and we had guest over until the middle of night. So today I spent my day doing mainly nothing but reading, studying and going for this little walk.

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Later I am probably going to take a bath with one of the super enchanting new Lush bath bombs my lovely dad got me yesterday; they are so cute, little cats and pumpkins, plus their scent is just *sniff, sniff* haaaah, delicious.

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That’s everything I have for you today,

enjoy the weekend!♥

Xoxo, Chaeri